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Representative: Jane Sidnell

FundSettle™ International is a well-established leader in reducing cross-border fund transaction costs and risks by delivering automated solutions for the fund industry. Clients receive a single access point to the most actively traded funds where fund transaction order routing, settlement and asset servicing are fully automated. FundSettle International includes a tailored service for hedge funds.

Our transparent record-keeping structure facilitates efficiency across multiple regulatory environments. By providing seamless interoperability between both the buy and sell sides of the distribution chain, FundSettle International unites fund professionals across the world.

FundSettle International is owned by Euroclear Bank – the world’s largest provider of cross-border settlement and related services for bonds, equities, derivatives and funds.
As part of the user-owned and user-governed Euroclear group, Euroclear Bank services the post-trade needs of clients based in over 90 countries, covering more than 600,000 different securities.

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