About Us


About Us

The Fund Platform Group is an association, chaired by Edouard Bokuetenge, that aims to ensure the coordination between all the fund distribution platforms worldwide and work at the protection and development of the professional interests of its members in the broadest sense.

Since 2008, the global investment fund market has seen slow, but steady recovery from the financial crisis. High momentum in cross-border fund distribution fostered by UCITS IV has increased interest for third party funds, as a complement to in-house funds. Since UCITS IV has taken full effect, it has boosted cross-border fund distribution, thus justifying the value that fund platforms bring to the market.

In recent years, the emergence of new fund market directives and an insurgence of market regulations caused unavoidable structural changes in the fund industry ( T2S, UCITS IV, RDR, FATCA, AIFM, MIFID to name a few). As a result, fund distribution actors are not unified, notably due to a lack of cohesive and structured representation in the fund market. Fund platforms have to cope with this increasing complexity.

The Fund Platform Group was born from a series of roundtables facilitated by KNEIP, who was looking to bring the major actors in the fund distribution platform space together to share experiences and find solutions to challenges they face. The participants quickly realised that they, as pioneers in this evolving space, had several common interests that could ultimately benefit the development of the fund distribution platforms area. Today the Fund Platform Group is self-sustaining, comprised of some of the industry’s most prominent, influential fund distribution platforms and their constituents.

The FPG is organised into workgroups. the structure of the Standardisation and Best Practice Working Group can be viewed here: SBP Workgroup Structure 10-10-12